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Terms of Use

The images available for download from this site ( are available for free of charge but its usage is bound by the license and terms defined within this Terms of Use page.

Standard License Agreement

Kam's Gifts, Inc. who is the exclusive copyright owner of all images on this site license you the use of any of these image files as provided below on a nonexclusive and nontransferrable basis. Kam's Gifts, Inc. retains all other rights to any image file downloaded from this site such as the copyright to the image.

When using an image on a Web Site, you agree to place a link near or on the image that points back to this site. If you use an image within any publication, you agree to visibly print the URL to this site near the image.

You may edit the image as necessary to fit your purpose provided the image complies with this agreement.

You may adjust the size of the image to suit your needs.

You agree not to use any image from this site to violate any civil or criminal law.

You agree not to resell or redistribute any image without prior written permission. Use the Contact Us link above to request permission to resell or redistribute an image.

You agree not to use any image to violate the personal rights of any person. This includes defamming, imposing on personal privacy, and so forth.

You agree not to resell, distribute or sublicense the files, or any material associated with the file.

You agree not to post these images on another image distribution website, on digital distribution product, or any other similar medium.

You agree not to use an image involving a person in a way that the person would find it offensive. This includes but is not limited to using the image as whole or part of pornography, with sexual entertainment, with sexual or intoxicating or addictive products.